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Truly FussFree! (August 2005)
“The best thing to come out from my ABC Club membership, was finding an editorial for FussFree Auto. FussFree Auto is a perfect name for the company, it says it all. Never thought that selling my car could be absolutely painless and fuss free! Selling a car can be very daunting, its time consuming and used car dealers rarely ever give a good or reliable deal. All I can say, is that I hope, Chris will always be running this business, ’cause I wouldn’t want to buy or sell another car without his advice and help again.”
– Julie L, Home-maker, Toyota Rav4 

Got a better price
“I advertised my MPV for sale over the internet and in the newspapers. I didn’t get as many offers as expected. The few that viewed the car gave unrelated excuses like it’s old, not an attractive colour, high mileage, low COE etc even after all these facts & figures were published in the advert. Most of the enquiries weren’t genuine. Some just wanted a free test drive while others were looking to buy below its market value.

I was then introduced to FussFree Auto by a trusted friend and left everything to them. Within 24 hours, I had three serious potential buyers who all counter-offered at a higher price than any of the initial offers I had received.

I simply chose the most attractive offer and FussFree assisted me through the entire transfer process right until the money was in the bank.

No worries, no wasted time, no risks and no kickbacks are what FussFree Auto is all about. I only wished I had called on them earlier!”
- YY, Businessman – Mitsubishi Spacewagon* 

Nearly lost $4,000
“I was thinking about selling my car which had a high paper value (see glossary) and was about to let it go for the paper value plus a little extra for the body (see glossary). FussFree Auto took the time and effort to work out whether or not I was receiving a fair amount for the body. After their analysis which included some international research, I was able to get the buyer to increase his offer by $4,000 which I would have otherwise forgone. These guys are really professional and I’d recommend them to anyone, anytime.”
– B. Bock, 34, Banker, Audi A4*

 * These clients are willing to speak with prospective clients to share their thoughts on our service levels. Please contact us if you would like to have a chat with them.