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“I had just received my insurance renewal notice and decided to call FussFree Auto to seek their advice on the matter. Chris ran through some questions with me, got me to fill up a simple form and then very quickly got back to me with alternative quotes. The quotes were all competitive but the problem was I didn’t really understand the differences in the policy types. He took the time to obtain the necessary information to answer my questions and this allowed me to make an informed decision plus save a little on my insurance premium. One of the really nice things was that he bothered to come to my office to pick up all the necessary documents. But this one takes the cake.

The insurance company had issued and posted by mail all the policy and road tax documents but I didn’t receive it. The insurance company suggested that it got lost in transit somewhere. I was getting anxious because my road tax disc was about to expire and called Chris who followed up on my behalf. He even told me where to check my road tax status online in an effort to reassure me that the tax had been paid. In the end, the documents arrived just in time but the great thing was that he was willing to personally run around to get duplicates for me because I didn’t want my identity card in the hands of strangers. He really went the extra mile even when it wasn’t his responsibility. Great work!”
– Ms M, 32, Civil Servant, Mercedes-Benz C class

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