We’d like to think that there are many people out there who will benefit from FussFree Auto’s services. While our clients have come from all walks of life, we have noticed a possible trend in our clientele so far:

1. Busy Professionals
This group of car buyers tend not to want to waste their limited time dealing with poor service providers. They also do not necessarily have the time to adequately research the market for the best deals. We inject two very valuable resources into their car buying process – time and service – and use these to ensure that they get the right car at the right price.

2. Expatriates
There seems to be an almost inexplicable attitude towards expats within the industry. Expats seem to receive an extraordinarily high level of attention from sales executives but do not usually get the best deals, let alone unbiased and complete information. For this group, FussFree Auto brings a deep level of understanding on how to deal with local businesses and not get ripped off.

3. Ladies
Women drivers seem to be interested in using our services because of the way they tend to be perceived and treated by some people within the car industry. Clients within this group have told us that we effectively remove much of the discomfort (like condescending behaviour) that they face as they enter into the car ownership experience. We have even created a special guide for them which can be found in our resource section.

4. The “Public Shy”
This group values the need for a more discreet car acquisition process. For this group, FussFree Auto ensures that the car buying process (documentation, test drives and delivery) takes place under conditions that will help safeguard their privacy.

5. The inexperienced, uninitiated or unsure
If you are a first-time car owner or feel that you do not have the necessary knowledge or guidance to confidently navigate the car buying process, then you probably fall into this category. This group of clients benefit directly from our down-to-earth approach and willingness to inform in an absolutely objective manner.

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