This service applies if you:

  • Intend to or have deregistered your car and are still holding the PARF and/or COE rebates in your name and

  • Do not wish to or are unable to fully utilise your paper value for your new car or

  • Do not wish to buy a new car and therefore, have no use of the paper.

If you meet the criteria above, and can afford to hold the paper until a buyer can be found, FussFree Auto can attempt to locate a private buyer for your paper. 

By doing so, you may be able to yield a better value for your paper by dealing direct with a private buyer as opposed to a dealer or a broker. Currently, the discount applied by dealers/brokers who buy paper from private sellers ranges between 7 and 8%. 

FussFree Auto will attempt to find you a private buyer at a significantly better rate, usually in the range of between 3% and 3.5%.

Please see our FAQ section for an example on how the savings are calculated. 

Please note that while you are waiting to locate a private buyer, you are essentially “sitting on cash” with no yield. As a seller, you must be mentally and financially prepared hold on to your paper until a buyer can be found. 

Guide for car sellers

Once you have determined that your car should be deregistered and exported:

1)      Obtain a valuation of your paper from onemotoring’s website. Use a reasonable date for the intended deregistration, for example, 30 from the date of your enquiry. Print out the download and highlight the date used for the intended deregistration.

2)     Obtain quotes from brokers/dealers who may be interested in buying your car. Show them your print-out from 1) above and ask them to quote for your paper and your car body separately.

3)      Contact FussFree Auto with the necessary details of the paper you are trying to sell and the best offer you have received so far. We will then place your intended sale in our registry and proceed to match-make your sale with a private buyer.

4)      Once FussFree Auto has located a buyer for your paper at a rate acceptable to you, you will need to sign a sales and purchase agreement between yourself and the buyer. You will also need to sign a service agreement with FussFree Auto for its services.

Should the buyer not be able to purchase your entire paper amount, your paper will need to be “split” by the LTA and a fee payable to LTA will apply. You may then either leave the balance of your paper on our registry (with you holding legal title to the paper) or sell it to a broker at an agreed rate.

5)     The buyer will then make full payment to you directly and FussFree Auto will facilitate the transfer of your paper to the buyer’s name.

6)      Once the transfer has been completed, you will receive full payment directly from the buyer (either a cashier’s order in the sellers name or cash). You will then need to pay FussFree Auto for services rendered.

If you would like to find out more and are interested in using this pioneering service, please contact us at or at +65 9664 0089.