About Us
“The inception of this business has been a wonderful experience for me because it’s immensely rewarding to be able to guide clients through their car ownership experience.

Over the years, I’ve heard countless “horror stories” about people making the wrong decisions or even worse, being ripped off. Some overpaid, some bought lemons, some simply bought the completely wrong type of vehicle for their needs or over-committed from a financial perspective.

FussFree Auto aims to provide the best possible advice and help people navigate through this sometimes challenging journey.”

- Chris Tay
Founder, FussFree Auto

  FussFree Auto was established in Singapore by a car enthusiast who has spent a number of years working in the automotive and consulting industries in a senior capacity. FussFree Auto is the result of him deciding to combine his passion for cars and his consulting experience to provide dedicated advisory services in the automotive field.What we do is simple. Using our knowledge and objectivity, we seek to remove most of the anxiety that is experienced during the car buying or even selling process. We are constantly keeping up-to-date with changes from a regulatory and behavioural perspective and use purpose-designed tools to guide our clients along the way.Also, in order to deliver a comprehensive service offering, FussFree Auto works with carefully selected partner service providers in the automotive sector. These partners are selected because they have demonstrated excellent customer service, strong after-sales support and of course, integrity. If there is a particular automotive need that you have which is not detailed in this website, please contact us. We will be happy to hunt out the right resource for you and point you in the right direction. For more information on areas covered by our existing partners, please go to the Preferred Partners section.