Better deals
We bring a regular stream of clients to dealers and hence, get offered better terms. When we approach them, they know that we are bringing to them a serious potential buyer (remember the retainer?). Our track record and relationships make it much easier for us to negotiate on your behalf.

 Check out our new Group Buy scheme!

Better value
We are among the first to know of any promotions like demonstrators, out-going models, year-end clearance activities, etc. Also, we are usually able to get “freebies” thrown in – it’s all in how you ask!

We save you precious time and money
… by doing all the leg work (research, information/specification collection and tabulation, etc) for you. Each time we are engaged, we collect valuable market information which all clients can benefit from.

A pressure free experience at each showroom
Using our network of trusted sales professionals who have been briefed on how to conduct themselves with our clients, you will receive a professional product demonstration without any “hard sell” tactics.

Independence and neutrality
We are not aligned to any particular dealer and we have no vested interest in pushing one make or model over another. We recommend vehicles based on a thorough understanding of your needs. Remember, you are our client, not the dealer.

A better understanding of your car buying needs
…which will lead to a better purchase decision. Buying the wrong car will end up costing you thousands of dollars. Remember:

“A good deal on the wrong car is not a good deal at all!”

A better understanding of your financial position
…with respect to each option. We will present logically and clearly the financial implications of your purchase decision. You will have a better understanding of related issues such as maintenance, economy, “resale-ability”, “paper value”, etc. We will help you understand the difference between a monthly installment and monthly cost, a common pitfall among many buyers.

We can visit you in the comfort of your home, office or even at your local coffee joint to collate the necessary information that we will need to help you to make the right purchase decision.

Peace of mind
If buying pre-owned, FussFree Auto recommends a thorough technical evaluation to be performed on the vehicle, not just a roadworthiness certificate.

Access to our preferred partners
…and a strong network of after-market service providers. Whether you need to change your tyres, get your car serviced or repaired, install the latest gadget or pump-up your audio system, we know where to refer you for the best service (please visit our Preferred Partners page).