Preferred Partners

FussFree Auto works with a host of service providers within the automotive industry. These service providers are pre-qualified based on their track record, quality of work, excellent customer service and integrity. Over time, we have developed strong relationships with these vendors and we are happy to pass on the benefits of our network to our clients. Below is a list of service areas currently covered by our preferred partners:

  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle grooming
  • In-car entertainment
  • Vehicle accessories and parts
  • Performance parts
  • Collision repair and body work
  • Tyres and rims
  • Towing and transportation
  • Insurance and finance

We have also included in our list some service providers located in West Malaysia.

If you have a specific automotive related need, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We are constantly looking for more service providers to add to our list and if you are an existing service provider and would like to be among our list of preferred partners, please contact us at so that we can arrange to meet with you to evaluate your product/service offerings.

Note: While we recommend these service providers, clients of FussFree Auto are in no way obligated to use them. While every effort has been made to select reliable service providers, FussFree Auto cannot offer guarantees with respect to their products and services.