FussFree Auto has developed a program that will help you maximise the value of your pre-owned vehicle. Our SellAssist program is easy to follow and while it typically starts at the beginning of the ownership period, it can be adapted specifically for many owners on a case-by-case basis. All clients who come to us as buyers automatically receive our advice on how to maintain the value of their vehicles so that when it is time to sell, they can get the best possible price for their cars.

Please note that this process does not work for everyone or every car. Certain types of vehicles and situations might preclude the application of FussFree Auto’s approach. Examples of these include:

  • Owners that are in an extreme hurry to dispose of the vehicle.
  • Vehicles that are poorly maintained.
  • Vehicles that have been abused, badly damaged and/or inappropriately repaired.

If you have a particular automotive related need that is not mentioned here, please contact us so we can evaluate it as a potential service offering.