While most of our clients fall into the Buyer and Seller categories, we do offer advice to existing owners who would like to make the most out of their ownership experience.

Under our OwnAssist program, we offer advice on:

  • Vehicle replacement planning – helping you determine the best point in time to replace your current vehicle based on your financial position, any foreseeable changes in your needs and circumstances and current market conditions.
  • Vehicle valuation – assisting you to determine the current market value for your vehicle.
  • Export candidacy – helping you determine if your vehicle is a candidate to be sold as an export car.
  • Vehicle de-registration – assisting you in the process of deregistering your car.
  • Insurance sourcing – helping you look for a better quote for your car’s insurance.
  • Refinancing evaluation – helping you understand if you are a prime candidate for car loan refinancing.
  • Performance enhancement – pointing you in the right direction if you’d like to add a little zip to your vehicle.
  • Accessory sourcing – helping you locate the latest gadget or in-car entertainment for your car.

If you have a particular automotive related need that is not mentioned here, please contact us so we can evaluate it as a potential service offering.

Insurance – You can save $

Car insurance is an unavoidable expense. However, unlike road tax, you can be pro-active in reducing the size of the cheque you write once a year.

FussFree Auto has been successful in obtaining competitive insurance quotations for our clients and associates. In fact, in more than 95% of cases presented to us, we’ve been able to obtain better quotes.

If you would like to save some money on your car insurance, contact us below for an obligation-free discussion and we will be happy to source competitive quotes for you.

Happy motoring!

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