How We Get Paid

FussFree Auto offers an environment that is transparent and clear and we are proud of this. We have designed our remuneration model to reinforce our core values of transparency and independence and to ensure that a high level of service is achieved for all our clients.

Every car dealer, be it for new or used, authorised or grey has a compensation model that is understandably self-centred. The more they can sell the car for, the more profit they earn.

FussFree Auto is not a dealer and therefore, does not adopt this model. Instead, we fix our compensation to ensure that our clients have no doubts regarding our independence.

a) For car buyers under the BuyAssist program
We charge a retainer (fee) of $500 split into 2 payments:

  • Upon engaging FussFree Auto : $250
  • Upon completion of purchase : $250

In some instances, the car seller offers FussFree Auto a commission for locating a buyer. This amount varies and our total compensation for each transaction will be limited to $1,000.

b) For car buyers using our Good Service Locator Program
This service is provided free of charge to our clients. We are happy to support professionals in the industry who provide excellent customer service. The only thing we ask of our clients is for feedback on the service they receive. This is so that we can work on improvements with those that we recommend. If we are offered any form of compensation from our recommended service providers, FussFree clients will be made aware of any such offer and acceptance of such an offer.

Compensation limit per transaction: $1,000.

c) Vehicle Sourcing
For clients who know exactly what they want, FussFree Auto can use its extensive network to locate the vehicle you want at a competitive price. In such cases, we will receive a success fee of 1% of the transaction value after costs subject to a minimum of $500 and a limit of $1,000, which is paid by the selling party.

If you have already received a quote for a vehicle you are interested in, we can attempt to source the same vehicle at better value. In such cases, we would need to know the specifications offered as part of the price offered and the party who has offered you that deal.

Our SellAssist program works on a success-fee model. When FussFree assists you to sell your vehicle, we will receive a fee of 1% of the transaction value after costs subject to a minimum of $500 and a cap of $1,000.

All costs incurred (as approved by the seller) like vehicle evaluations, repairs, touch-ups, grooming, advertising, etc will be borne by the seller.

For sellers who have already received a firm offer, FussFree Auto can attempt to obtain a better quote. In such cases, we need to know who has quoted already and the quote amount. If FussFree Auto can obtain a better quote, the difference is shared 50:50 between the client and FussFree Auto subject to a limit of $1,000.

FussFree Auto underwrites that any economic benefit (for example, commission, spotter’s fees, unutilised margins for discounting, etc) derived during the course of the transaction over and above our stated compensation limit will be returned in whole to the client. All compensation limits stated are nett amounts after costs.