If you are buying a new car, you can save money by providing your own paper to offset the value of ARF, COE and registration fee  that will apply to your new car.  

This is done by purchasing paper from the open market at a discount to its par value. Please see our FAQ section for an example on how the savings are calculated.   

Buyers can expect to purchase paper at at a discount of between 3% and 3.5% depending on market conditions. In order to maximise the amount you can save on your new car, you will need to be able to purchase the maximum allowable amount of paper. If you do not have sufficient cash to purchase the paper outright, you will need to obtain temporary funding for the transaction. Please see the FAQ section for more information on this matter.

FussFree Auto will source the paper for you up to the maximum amount permissible for your particular car.  Throughout the process, we will perform all the necessary administrative tasks to ensure that the process is smooth and event-free.

Please note: While every effort will be made to locate paper for prospective buyers, FussFree Auto does not guarantee to be able to locate paper of a particular amount or at a specific discount.

Guide for car buyers

 In order to achieve the possible savings, you will need to: 

1)      Obtain consent from the car company you are purchasing your new car from to will allow you to provide your own paper to offset the ARF and COE values of your new car. Be sure to obtain permission for this in writing. 

Note: Please raise the issue of using your own paper before you sign the sales agreement.

2)      Ask the new car company to inform you of the maximum amount of paper you can utilise. The exact amount will only be provided after they have successfully secured a COE for your new car. Ask for this amount in writing to avoid any disputes later on.

3)     Engage FussFree Auto to purchase the paper up to maximum amount permissible.

4)    Once FussFree Auto has located the paper for you, you will need to issue full payment either via cash or cashier’s order to the owner of the paper. FussFree Auto will facilitate the deal by means of a sales and purchase agreement between the buyer and seller. You will also need to issue payment to LTA for the transfer of the paper to your name.

5)     FussFree Auto will then arrange for the paper to be transferred to your name. This transfer is performed at the Land Transport Authority (LTA). Once the paper has been transferred to your name, it will be delivered to you for you to use during the registration process. Upon receipt of the paper in your name, you will then need to issue payment to FussFree Auto for the agreed amount.

If you would like to find out more and are interested in using this pioneering service, please contact us at or at +65 9664 0089.